This is a new page I just made for the obvious purpose of allowing people to ask me a question or questions, it is made as a page and not just a post for convenience, for easy access.
I think there are people who have at some time or another clicked Follow on my page and maybe a question or two have entered their minds but they’ve not asked it, for whatever reason, perhaps they don’t think it’d be a fitting or appropriate one or just too silly to ask.
Maybe they have not seen a post yet by me where they could add a question as a comment and they’ve left a question or questions just remain in their mind for some time and thenĀ forgot about it but with the addition of this separate page/section on my site they have an easy way to ask a question or questions.
Maybe that ‘they’ I mentioned above is you, reader; maybe you have a question, are curious about this or that and would like to know my opinion, thought or answer.
I say: let your reluctance disappear, hesitate no longer; ask away and you’ll likely get an answer, unless the question isn’t really even a question but a statement or just your belief or feelings about something, or it’s absurd, in which case I can’t help you, I can’t answer absurd or nonsense questions because of their very nature.
If you hesitate to ask simply because you may think in your mind already that it may be considered and absurd/nonsense question, let me just say, don’t assume, ask first and see what my reply will be; assuming could keep you from learning something new, or even my answer or opinion, of whatever little value that may be to you.
I simply want to open a door here, for agreements and disagreements to be discovered, for similarities and contrasts to be found, for questions to be asked and for thoughts, opinions, beliefs, faiths, to be shared openly, and whatever results from all that who knows, hopefully good things.
So, then, I invite you to ASK Me, ask for my opinions and share yours; ask for answers to questions, I may know the answers to them and if not I’ll tell you what my opinion is even if that’s not what the answer really is.
I make this simple admission before any question is asked, no matter how silly or simple or difficult: I don’t know everything, there are things I’m ignorant of, things I can’t answer simply because I don’t have an answer, at least at the moment.
That being said, come all you who have questions, whether you’re just curious or inquisitive, with the silly and the simple and hard questions, let’s put our minds to work, get those mental juices flowing, keep asking, keep learning, start knowing, start believing; ask, examine, question, learn, know, keep learning.
Put to good use what God has given each of us – a wonderful mind, complex in design, with all its inner workings, with all its wonderful qualities, with all of its needs and joys and strength.
Don’t let your mind go to waste, use it to the best of your current ability and you will see there’s a greater potential you’ve not seen yet, you can think much more efficiently and effectively, you can learn so much more, ask so much more.
A stagnant mind is a wasted mind; atrophied intellectuality is of no use to you or anyone so let not your intellect atrophy; let not your reason dull; let not your faith wither; what God gave, don’t let it all go to waste.

Note: How often I will answer a question or questions that may be asked will depend on how often I log in; there’s no guarantee that I’ll log in on this or that day; the only day I’ll log in for sure is on Sunday, all the other days are possibly/maybe kind of days. Rest assured, be sure of this, though, I will try to answer/give an opinion to every question asked. There wouldn’t be a point to a whole page that has to do with asking and answering questions if I don’t answer any. To not answer something asked by anyone is pretty much the last thing I’d do because that’s what I added it for – answering people’s questions, theological, everyday, simple, hard, silly, whatever kind of questions. If the answer I give is too short, say so, if you want me to explain or elaborate on this or that part of an answer/opinion. Happy asking, everyone.
ASK me something, ASK me anything, ASK Me!


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