“We’ve Tried Doing Nothing”

Written by: Victor P.

“We’ve Tried Doing Nothing”

We’ve tried doing nothing,
It’s made nothing better.
We won’t get anywhere
Just watching things get worse.

We have to decide
To do something now
Even if we won’t succeed
The first time or twenty
To see the change we need.

There’s no point in giving up,
We need to give it our all.


Author: GloryToGodAlone

Just a man who's thirty blogging for the glory of God. Reading, Writing, Thinking, Living. Sharing things from Books, Poems/Prose, Quotes, Links, Images, Etc. My 2 sites/blogs here are "Glory to God Alone" (shared quotes, links, media, books, etc.) AND "Battle, Adventure, Beauty"(my own poems, prose, notes, thoughts,etc.)

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