“Adam4d Web Comic and my Comment” (1)

“Adam4d Web Comic and my Comment” (1)

I decided to use the image/Adam4d comic from the link because it provides the context for my comment. It’s not a long comment but I hope it helps someone if they encounter a similar objection to the mentioned doctrine. I just might come back to the comment to expand on it later, maybe.

from https://www.facebook.com/adam4dcom/photos/a.200310343465526.1073741828.200307070132520/813330695496818/?type=3&theate

My comment:
Indeed. It says “For God so loved the world…” not “For God felt like killing His Son…”
Jesus wasn’t a helpless child, one with no say in the matter; He was a grown man who willingly went to the Cross because of love, to save sinners because they can’t save themselves.
Jesus knew what He was doing, what had to be done.
There was no child abuse, there was a necessity; only His blood would do; only His sacrifice would be acceptable; only His death would accomplish what it did; only His resurrection would be victory over death and the grave and the world and the devil and sin.


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