“Land of the Sleeping and the Awake”

11/17/11. 11/18/11.
Written by: Victor P.

“Land of the Sleeping and the Awake”

Now thirteen years in this land,
Land of water, rock, earth, sand,
Concrete jungles and grassy plains,
The land of losses and land of gains.
Mountains, valleys, deserts, rivers,
Flu, cold, fever, sweating, shivers.
Here live those who laugh and cry,
They succeed or fail, give up or try.

The rich, poor, hopeless, hopeful,
Lazy, hardworking, selfish, helpful.
Apathetic, pitiful, scorned, mourned,
Glamorous, raggedy, naked, adorned.
Exalted, despised, magnified, demonized,
Born, bored, abhorred, deplored, idolized.

An increase in the number of the helpless,
A decrease in the number of the selfless.
More than three hundred millions souls in flesh,
Some breathing air that’s polluted, dry, or fresh.
Decorated, honored known graves,
Dignity is what the dying one craves.
Fate, destiny, luck, chance, faith, hope,
The faithless produce tilted moral slope.
Behind closed doors plans for death are made,
If kept unknown by the simple, the just will fade,
For when the oppressors near possession of the whole,
The rage of the simple mass numbers erupts from a hole.
The flow of discontent in veins of the fed-up bodies united,
Brings forth the wave of the will to proceed from mind divided.
Behind eyes of false intentions and sugar promises, truth cries out,
Nearing the end of lifespan, efforts to change are winged to let truth shout.

With a dark, red history, a stained memory,
Words written speak of the good and gory.
Pride infecting masses but can’t erase the past,
Recorded is the blood spilled, memory will last.
Chance to move forwards is present yet,
Freedom face to face with enemies met,
Through perseverance and focused aim,
Righteousness is for the willing to claim.

Return to the source of victory, there’s good reason,
Proclaim the Creator’s name during every season.
The life we live is short and our choices are many to make,
To neglect the necessity of repentance is a grave mistake,
Can’t undo what’s done but we can make amends,
Our lives are stories written with happy or sad ends,
And we’re paving the way of our life to a destination,
If unsure of where we’ll go, we need concentration.

Beyond dreams and illusions hope shines bright,
Illuminating the hearts of young and old with light,
But when the light of hope grows dimmer inside,
Dreams can fall into pieces, heart wants to hide.
In this land of the free and home of the brave,
We’re the same for we all must face the grave,
No matter what we’ve collected, acquired, outside, within,
Our concern should be to no longer remain slaves to sin.
Don’t give way to godlessness, fight against the pressure,
Resist the devil and he’ll flee from you, love is our treasure.

O you people, turn to God who restores hope, lives, hearts,
He can make the proud humble and fix our damaged parts.
Realize your part in the grand scheme of things and understand,
Life was given to you so you can glorify God who lets you stand.
Life is not like the fairy tales with occurrences portrayed in books,
The reality is, the problem of sinning is more severe than it looks.
Consequences for our actions will follow, but you can be forgiven,
Your life is a gift from God, use wisely the time here you’re given.

Without a shadow of a doubt the Lord will perform all that He said,
He loves us so much that His Son died for our sins, for us He bled,
There’s forgiveness through His blood, salvation in His name,
The Lord is true and faithful, yesterday, today, forever the same.
The return of Jesus Christ draws nearer with each passing day,
Prepare the way for the Lord, ready your hearts and wait, I say.
The Savior of the world is on His way, He won’t tarry, the time is near,
Believers here repent, sinners awaken, be filled with the Lord’s fear.
Heed the warnings of the prophets, their words should not to be ignored,
The people of this land must seek the Lord with their hearts to be restored.

The time we’re given isn’t meant to be wasted on trivialities or selfish ambitions,
See the state of this world, open your eyes, see the needs and offer God petitions.
There is a mission to be carried out, the delivering of the Gospel to the lost,
Let people hear the Gospel, loyal to the end, even if your life is what it’ll cost.
Be ready for opposition from the world, mockery, scorn, ridicule, persecution,
Keep in mind the promises of the Lord, have faith, even at threat of execution.
We will all stand before our Maker one day, all accountable, prepare and be aware,
The state of this world is evidence of the ending of the history of the earth, beware.
Don’t strive to attain the temporal, seek eternal gain, in the sight of God humble yourselves,
We are responsible for our actions, heed wise words in God’s Word, lest we fool ourselves.

Beyond this world a greater place awaits, ready yourselves for eternity with God our Creator,
There’s no greater joy than to be in His presence forever, He’s our hope, no hope greater.
There’s no one worthy to be praised except God, give Him praise and glory due to His name,
The people’s hearts need renewal, opening of the eyes and minds, it’s clear life’s not a game.
Don’t hesitate to tell of the great things the Lord has done, faith without works is dead,
Lead the people to the Lord, to His Word, tell them Who’s the living water and the Bread.
Jesus Christ our Savior will return in glory to this earth, just as He said, it shall be done,
We await His arrival, patiently, with anticipation, awaken those in this nation, everyone.
Give due glory and thanks to the Lord, the only one deserving of exaltation and worship,
May the Lord fill us with the strength necessary to endure any persecution and hardship.
Glory to God Alone.


Author: GloryToGodAlone

Just a man in his late twenties blogging for the glory of God. Reading, Writing, Thinking, Living. Sharing things from Books, Poems/Prose, Quotes, Links, Images, Etc. My 2 sites/blogs here are "Glory to God Alone" (shared quotes, links, media, books, etc.) AND "Battle, Adventure, Beauty"(my own poems, prose, notes, thoughts,etc.)

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