“Spring Arrived”

3/21/12. 11/1/12.
Written by: Victor P.

“Spring Arrived”

I welcome spring but I’m asleep
As I lie in bed, I breathe in deep.
Let these words flow like a river,
A steady current, ever moving.
Not much has made me shiver
But One has simply by loving.
I know these days can drag on
As I dream to keep what I won
But I know that it all will pass away.

Spring nights relieve the failed day,
Despite my failures, hope remains.
I have reasons to fight the pains
And I won’t regret all the good
That my eyes have witnessed
Or all of the intangible food
That I have thus far tasted.

Spring, bring breeze from afar
And send my memories far.
Despite any losses I’ve endured
I still will praise my loving Lord
For I can trust His unfailing Word,
It is living power, it is the Sword.
God will help me walk on the right path
And warn others to escape His wrath;
All thanks, glory and praise is His
For merciful, loving, and holy He is.

I have learned something by now
But wish it was earlier I would know,
It’s that God doesn’t owe me anything,
He never did and never will, I’m realizing,
And awe fills me that He would consider me,
That in the sea of His creation He does see,
A mystery I surely won’t soon understand
But this I know, by Him I’ll always stand.

O peace inside, bloom in spring,
O heart, rejoice in God and sing,
Unceasing flow of praise and glory
To the only One deserving and holy,
And safely in the arms of God the loving One
I hope to see tomorrow’s joy before it’s gone.


Author: GloryToGodAlone

Just a man in his late twenties blogging for the glory of God. Reading, Writing, Thinking, Living. Sharing things from Books, Poems/Prose, Quotes, Links, Images, Etc. My 2 sites/blogs here are "Glory to God Alone" (shared quotes, links, media, books, etc.) AND "Battle, Adventure, Beauty"(my own poems, prose, notes, thoughts,etc.)

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