“A Sinful Age, A Perverted Norm”

Written by: Victor P.

“A Sinful Age, A Perverted Norm”

This is a sinful age, a perverted norm,
The descent continues in many a form.
The end is closer than any speculated,
It is shameful how sinning escalated.

Watch as the unbelieving arise in blind revolt
To spill the blood of the adherents of truth.
The propagators of vile sins have awoken
With unholy blood coursing through their veins.

They paint the canvas with the blood of children.

Rape the lands and rape their minds,
Innocence is stolen behind the blinds.

The cowardice of silence is a pitiful thing.

What sick things take place in private?
What shameful deeds are done in the night?
Shame and guilt will consume, pricking wicked hearts,
Pray to God folly be replaced with wisdom before an end.

Blood on the hands of fools and devil’s children,
A life of sin makes one pitiful to nothing win.
Heeding not the words of holy writ but continuing
In the way of sin, on the path soon to bring an ending.


Author: GloryToGodAlone

Just a man in his late twenties blogging for the glory of God. Reading, Writing, Thinking, Living. Sharing things from Books, Poems/Prose, Quotes, Links, Images, Etc. My 2 sites/blogs here are "Glory to God Alone" (shared quotes, links, media, books, etc.) AND "Battle, Adventure, Beauty"(my own poems, prose, notes, thoughts,etc.)

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